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What Is An Ionizer?

genesis equus - the best water ionizerA water ionizer is an appliance that separates water into either alkaline or acidic PH levels using a process known as electrolysis. Most filtration systems like Reverse Osmosis (RO) or Distillation removes the mineral ions so they must be added back into water for electrolysis to occur. That is why they are known as “empty water” as they lack the minerals needed for hydration and absorption. Ionic water goes the final step and infuses the beneficial minerals into the water creating a very healthy and hydrating and great tasting water. The minerals give the water it’s body, taste and electrical potential (electrolytes.) If you are not getting ionized water or mineral water then you are not getting hydrated!


Advantages Of Alkaline Water

Provides Superior Hydration
The Main Reason We Drink Water In The First Place!

Heals Inflammatory Conditions
It reduces acidity and provides your blood, organs, cells, brain, hair and skin with healthy alkaline minerals. Inflammation is caused by an acidic body condition.

Gives You Energy
You gain the full electrical potential of healthy micro-clustered structured water. It has a high surface tension and structure that the body can readily use for energy, hydration and cellular repair.

Rejuvenates Your Brain And Body From The Inside Out
As we age our skin become dry and thin, it can no longer hold acidic water. Alkalazing your water with ionization allows rehydration and more healthy glowing skin.

Improves Digestion
We are not what we eat, but rather what we actually absorb. Since we are mostly water (70%+) it makes the most sense to make sure that the water we take into our bodies is the best quality possible.

Builds Strong Bones and Teeth
Soft Reverse Osmosis or Distilled water will make your bones and teeth brittle. Using ionic water actually strengthens our internal structures.

Promotes Healthy Weight Loss
Having a balanced PH level in our bodies allows our bodies to function the way they were meant to. That means not holding onto acidic formations in the body that become hardened and trapped.

Detoxes Your Body
The structure of ionized water binds to toxins and helps your body flush them naturally. It is a natural anti-oxidant and a powerful one at that.

Improves Workout and Athletic Performance and Recovery
The size of the water molecule and it’s alkaline PH allow your body to use it’s energy potential and superior hydration to fuel even the most grueling of workouts and athletic performances.


The Best Water Ionizer

genesis alkaline water screen




The best Water Ionizer is the one that gives you complete control over how acidic or alkaline you want your water to be. It is a countertop water ionizer and takes up little space. It is also a good idea to have a unit that is easy to use, has the highest quality parts (has more ionizing plate than all others to date) and what that means to you is not only quality but quantity. You get speed – up to 4 liters per minute! So you won’t have to wait for the healing waters to flow! Here is what the screen looks like on the Genesis unit. It gives you a computerized check on the filter levels and alerts you when it’s time to clean or change filters. It’s all automatic – Introducing the Genesis Platinum!


The Genesis Platinum

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The Genesis Platinum TURBO has a button that makes creating the strongest alkaline and acidic water as easy as pushing a button!  Acidic water does have some uses too: They’re great for disinfecting, sterilizing and cooking. Make it extremely acidic to use as an external antiseptic or internally for hard to digest protein foods. This unit has 325 watts of power, the Genesis Platinum can create the perfect water for any situation, including the best drinking water for you and your family. 

It is unique in that is uses 9 platinum-titanium plates, 76 levels of pH and ORP adjustment, a large LCD seven color screen, and two .1 micron multi-stage activated carbon filters. What this means to you is that your tap water is filtered to the highest level of purity! The Equus has a high range of electrolysis at 12.5 pH to 2.0 pH!  Almost the entire pH range!

This is all you and your family will even need to create the perfect health creating (and disease preventing) alkaline drinking water at 9.5 pH, disinfectant water below 2.3 pH, or even a natural detergent above 11 pH.  With the Genesis Ionizer, you get everything!  Water for Life USA is successfully helping people enjoy the healthiest and best tasting drinking water for over seven years now. With an A rating from the Better Business Bureau, a 5 years parts, labor, and shipping warranty, a 60 day money back guarantee, and a lifetime guarantee on our plates, plus exceptional customer service you can only win!

Just Click on the Water for Life USA banner below to get more information, see testimonials or get your own Genesis Platinum Turbo Now!


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